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  • A Second Look at Sports was and continues to be a very popular program in the WFIN Radio line-up. A Second Look at Sports presents athletes in a different light. Dwight Allen, your sports chaplain of the air, shares in-depth conversations with Christian Athletes. Many struggled to overcome addictions and obstacles before turning their life to Christ and now, acting as role models for other young athletes. WFIN is proud to be a part of bringing their story to others. Through tears and laughter, Dwight brings their stories to every Sunday morning and throughout the week with A Sixty Second Look at Sports version. If we had any doubts about the program, they were all put to rest after the first broadcast--now over 12 years ago. Powerful stuff! A Second Look at Sports is thought-provoking, entertaining and, most of all, sending the message that Christian's have exciting lives. Our listeners love A Second Look at Sports and share their compliments quite often. We wish Dr. Allen and A Second Look at Sports many more years of sharing this powerful message.

    Sandy Kozlevcar - General Manager
    WFIN/WKXA Radio, Findlay, Ohio

  • High School Football is KING in West Texas. San Angelo Rodeo is #6 of the Top 10 rodeos in the country as recognized by the Professional Cowboys Association. In addition, San Angelo stands alone when looking merely at the number of rodeo contestants. And, this year, due to a record number of livestock entries, the companion Stock Show is the 3rd largest in Texas and the 4th largest in the nation. “Hook and Bullet” sports are also big here.

    Our 3 voices: 100,000 watt FM 93.9 KCRN which is in the heart of West Texas broadcasting 90-100 miles in all directions, full-time AM1340, and audio streaming worldwide at are all unashamedly committed to lifting the Scriptures as God’s actually WORD to man. We operate in the tradition of our mother ship in Dallas (KCBI) and listen to God rather than man as we make programming decisions. We choose programmers like Dwight Allen who is an authority in the world of sports, who loves God and His Word. WHAT sports show could address this varied but highly important West Texas athletes? A SECOND LOOK AT SPORTS is the only show that we trust to talk to authentic Christians at the top of their game, born again by the Spirit of God with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ…and who love God’s Word, the Bible—and, live it! The days before Christ comes back are quickly passing by. Dwight is God’s man to reach listener on your station and understands the urgency of the Gospel for this time. A man with a program for such a time as this.

    Mark Mohr - KCRN Station Manager
    Director of San Angelo Operations
    Criswell Communications
    FM 93-9, AM 1340,

  • New Vision FM in Upper Sandusky, Ohio has been airing Dr. Allen’s program, 60 Second Look at Sports, for several years. Dr. Allen shares a unique insight to Christian athletes that no other sports feature that we have found is doing. We appreciate the way that Dr. Allen shares encouragement and God’s word through his comments and also the comments from his guests. We highly recommend this short feature to help encourage your listeners to as Dr. Allen puts it: “Don’t Give Up, at least, Not Today!”

    Jon Bowlus - Program Director of New Vision FM
    FM 90.1 & 91.9,

  • I have found Dwight to be knowledgeable in all aspects of competitive sports. His reporting is both thorough and creditable. I look forward to working with him in the future and I recommend him as a sports commentator.

    Al Lindner
    Founder of In-Fisherman National TV and Radio Programs

  • I found Dwight to be an aggressive and knowledgeable reporter and a highly capable interviewer. He has an active and insightful interest in baseball".

    Tom Mee
    Director of Media Relations, Minnesota Twins

  • Dwight (as our Chaplain of Baseball Chapel) is a very good motivator who stresses religion in a young man's life. He also points out the correct reason for combining their religious involvements with their professional experience. Dwight kindles an aggressive "Don't Quit" attitude. Dwight is a very positive person; your first meeting with Dwight you will be impressed as I was also from the players of our team.

    Joe Madden
    Manager of the Tampa Bay Rays)
    (when he was the rookie manager of Idaho Falls Angels)

  • Dwight Allen has been a consistent voice of promotion of the good things going on in the sports world for many years. His diligent investigation into the interesting and significant issues has been a fresh wind in the world of media. I am excited Dwight has chosen to share his incredible and relevant insights with coaches, current athletes, former athletes and non athletes alike via his A Second Look at Sports radio program. I am confident that it prove to be a powerful, provocative and life-changing work. In the end this work will surely be a positive contribution to our society and more importantly, it is sure to be honoring to the Lord!"

    ED Schilling
    Assistant Coach New York Nets, Head Coach Wright State University, Indiana high school coach, now executive director of Champions Academy Indianapolis, Indiana
    (youngest coach to coach all three divisions: high school, college and NBA)

  • Dwight Allen possesses the unique combination of being an avid sports fan, respected journalist and enthusiastic promoter of athletics and the sporting world. Mostly, Dwight is very easy to listen to. His approach, his voice, his insights are special to our athletes and to our area. I highly recommend Dwight as a sports personality and as an individual of the highest integrity.

    Ron Stolski
    Member of the National HS Football Federation Board
    Veteran High School football coach Brainerd, Minnesota

  • Dwight Allen and A Second Look at Sports was one of the most rewarding ministries for our church! The Gospel was presented in a non-threatening, intriguing manner that caught and held the attention of the listener. Since the program was on a secular station just before the Indianapolis Colts football games on Sunday afternoon, we were able to touch people who generally are not church attendees at all. What a great concept God has given Dwight Allen!

    Pastor Jerry Dean
    veteran pastor of Indiana/Wisconsin
    (first pastor to lead his church to put ASLAS on a secular radio station)


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