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American Family Radio

"A Second Look at Sports/A 60 Second Look at Sports provide our audience an exciting and unique look at the Gospel from the perspective of some of the country’s greatest sports leaders. The storylines appeal to many as they explore God’s prevailing love and how it changes the human condition."
Seyveyye Miller - Media Services Coordinator

Sonday Inc.
Meeting the needs for missionaries, pastors and Christian workers around the world.

"A Second Look at Sports – has given Sonday’s websites another dimension of ministry. The programs are not only entertaining and informational, but Dwight’s commentary is all based on God’s Word. We love it."
Kathi Crissman

RevMedia Network
Serving 360 cities, to 60 countries.  Last month, serving 222,000 people.

"We like Sports and Dwight does a nice job telling us what God is doing in the world of sports! The broadcasts have been a blessing to us and our listeners."
Dr.David Yanez - CEO/Evangelist

Dr. Dwight Allen is also the winner of both the Silver Microphone Awards and Golden Communication Awards.

 A Second Look at Sports is a member of the National Religious Broadcasters.


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"Christianity is the greatest intellectual system that the
mind of man has ever touched" - Francis Schaeffer

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Attention Stations with AMR receiver: The weekly 28:00 program, A Second Look at Sports (ASLS_SLS1), the daily 1:00 counterpart,A 60 Second Look at Sports (ASLS_A6L5) hosted by Dr. Dwight L. Allen and the weekly overview promo have begun syndication via Amb-OS. Requests for permission to air these programs as well as other Amb-OS programs may be made by using the Permissions Portal or by calling  877-262-6728.


Dr. Dwight Allen
A 60 Second Look At Sports

Photo thanks to John Davison
The Famous Charlotte Speedway

I was a youth pastor/Senior Pastor for 50 years and have hosted sports programs on radio for 25 years. For six years I was a scout for the Chicago Cubs. I have a Doctor's Degree in Ministry writing my dissertation on "The Unity of the Local Church." I have pioneered both a weekly A Second Look at Sports and a daily 60 Second Look at Sports now carried on about 530 stations around the world. I have ben speaking in churches, civic groups, sports banquets/rallies etc for the last ten years.


A Second Look at Sports radio program was started twelve years ago to connect the dots between sports and the Scriptures. It is designed to be an outreach to unsaved sports fans around the world. It is our hope that local churches will sponsor this program on their local secular radio station in an attempt to reach their sports communities for Christ. It is also an opportunity to give Christian radio stations something to present as a pre game program before Friday/Saturday night local sports or as a post-game show. We feature interviews with Christian athletes who play the stick-n-ball sports, hook-n-bullet sports and motor sports from the high school level to college and professional levels. As a former pastor of 25 years I love to speak and encourage local churches to have sports ministries utilizing the ideas we have gathered over the last 10 years for the purpose of evangelism. We speak at Worship services, athletic banquets, high school assemblies, and civic groups all over the nation in addition to providing radio programming to the local church that will promote the image of a church which believes sports ministries can be used for God's Glory!


To all radio General managers and programs directors, check out this unique sports programming which features a daily A 60 Second Look at Sports and a weekly half hour feature called A Second Look at Sports. Why?…because of the unique credentials of the host, Dr. Dwight L. Allen, who has been a Scout for the Chicago Cubs and hosted radio sports shows with a Christian emphasis for 15 years. Dwight has also been a leader in Baseball Chapel as the Idaho state coordinator; he has coached sports at the high school and college levels and won both Silver Microphone Awards and Golden Microphone Awards for broadcast excellence. This was all done while being a Senior Pastor for 25 years in California, Idaho, Illinois and Ohio prefaced by being a Youth Pastor for 6 years.

Currently over 510 stations have asked for permission to download the programs here in the United States as well as radio stations in Turkey, India, Israel, Russia, Canada, Africa and the Middle East. He is on stations that belong to American Family Network who report “that Dwight has a unique ability to personally interact with his audience while using sports to communicate the Gospel.” Dwight also supplies material to pastors and missionaries all over the world via Sonday Inc. Kathi Crissman says “A Second Look at Sports has given the Sonday websites “another dimension” of ministry. The programs are not only entertaining and informational, but Dwight’s commentary is all based on God’s Word. We love it!” Seyveyye Miller of Salem Web Network writes “ A Second Look at Sports/A 60 Second Look at Sports provide our audience an exciting and unique look at the Gospel from the perspective of some of the country’s greatest sports leaders.” Dr. Dave Yanez of the RevMediaNetwork serving 360 cities and 60 countries says that Dwight’s quality programming is part of our phenomenal afternoon growth to over 745,000 hits last month. I personally love hearing what God is doing in the world of sports as these program are touching thousands lives of those listening!” Sandy Kozlevcar, General Manager of WFIN in Findlay, Ohio, the “anchor station” for A Second Look at Sports ministry writes, “Dwight with tears and laughter shares in-depth conversations with athletes, many who are struggling with obstacles encouraging all our listeners not to quit regardless of the trials they might be going through. If we had any doubts about this program, they were all put to rest after the first program…now over 15 years ago! Powerful stuff!”

Many station General Managers today are searching for programs that will reach the lives of millions of unsaved sports fans across the world. Other Program Directors want professional and interesting “segways” and transitions for the local sports broadcasts they are already doing as an outreach into the community. It is Dwight’s hope, as a retired pastor, that he can effectively do that as he capably connects the dots between the scriptures and sports. Please pray for A Second Look at Sports as you consider using these programs that address today’s world with the “Good News” of Jesus Christ.


Behind the Scenes Interviews with Top American Athletes

A Second Look at Sports is pleased to announce that Dwight's' new book, "A Second Look at Sports, Behind the scenes interviews with Top American Athletes" is now available for you to own, for a donation of $9.95 per book.

  • "I first met Dwight when he was pastoring just outside Chicago, Illinois. I spoke to his church and soon realized that he had a special interest in baseball and how it relates to our daily lives as believers. I am so thrilled that Dwight is writing this book on the merit of true character. It is a needed book with a scriptural emphasis that needs to be written to all who love sports...God bless you Dwight, in this worthy endeavor. Now reader, just sit back and enjoy A Second Look at Sports...a unique book that spotlights the vital and critical role of character in both amateur and professional sports."

    Alvin Dark
    National League Rookie of the Year 1948, All-Star 51,52,54 as a player
    Won the World Series in American League as manager of the Oakland Athletics in 1974

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